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The Finer Details

When will you be paid?
DNA pays the referral fee after the third month of live payroll runs with the new customer.

What is required from you?
In order to be paid cash DNA requires an invoice from you. Should you not be able to supply DNA with an invoice, 25% PAYE will be deducted from the Referral Fee and paid over to SARS. You will then receive an IRP5 from DNA as confirmation of the PAYE paid to SARS.

When does a Referral qualify?
If DNA has been in contact with the company over the last 12 months, it does not qualify as a valid referral.

Should the referral not purchase from DNA within 12 months after this introduction, no referral fee will be paid.

DNA focuses on providing end-to-end
Payroll Outsourcing services – it is the
only thing we do.

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