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Payroll Services


1. Payroll Outsourcing

DNA focuses on providing an end-to-end Payroll outsourcing service – we don’t do anything else. This focus allows us to be experts in payroll services.

What is payroll outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing is a service rendered by a third party to ensure that a business’s payroll is paid on-time, in full, error free and in compliance with statutory regulations.

DNA’s payroll outsourcing services comprises the following:

  • Managing the payroll input submission process to ensure timeous processing and payment of your payroll.
  • Intelligent analysis of input to identify errors and anomalies with input, prior to processing
  • Compliance advice with regards to statutory regulations.
  • Setting up of new earnings and deductions and company contributions
  • Managing changes to medical aid rate tables
  • Managing funds release process to ensure timeous payment
  • Processing of weekly, forth-nightly and monthly payroll – all in one payroll company
  • Processing additional runs for bonuses, late payments (additional cost)
  • Facilitating payment of net pay and third parties through secure payments portal (optional)
  • Leave administration
  • Facilitating general ledger interface and interface to other third-party systems
  • Statutory Reporting – Generating statutory reports in standard format required by government agencies
  • Business Reporting – Intelligent and relevant reporting of labour costs, projects costs and cost centres
  • Assistance with bi-annual and annual return.
  • Assistance with monthly returns to government agencies and revenue authorities.
  • Expat payrolls ensuring statutory compliance in both home and host countries


2. Executive (Exec) Payroll Outsourcing:

DNA provides payroll outsourcing services aimed specifically at executive payrolls. Businesses often outsource their executive payrolls for confidentiality and continuity purposes. Executive payrolls often have unique scenarios and nuances not common in other payrolls. DNA has extensive experience in this field and already provides this service to a number of household brands in South Africa.


3. HR, Employee Self-Service and Other Features

DNA’s payroll outsourcing customers have access to a cloud technology platform at no additional charge. All you need is internet connectivity.

It consists of the following:

  • Payroll & HR on one database. One record per employee for life.
  • Employment Equity & Skills reporting.
  • Disciplinary & Incident recording, tracking and storage.
  • Automated on-boarding & exit notifications and birthday notifications.
  • Succession & Talent Management
  • Business Process Workflow.
  • Calendar function gives a bird’s eye view of who’s on leave per department. This assists with effective workforce planning.
  • Questionnaires can be set-up for any employee related survey


4. Security

Data security is of critical importance when dealing with sensitive payroll data. DNA’s secure cloudroom allows payroll outsourcing customers to submit payroll input into a secure environment. Sensitive payroll data will therefore NEVER be sent as an attachment to an email.

  • Our platform is ISO 2700I certified.
  • We use a PCI compliant payment solution.
  • Process Compliance – our robust control framework and methodology is designed with global audit requirements as the standard.


5. Multi-country, Multi-currency

DNA provides payroll outsourcing services for businesses throughout Africa and the UAE. This multi-country service includes the following:

  • French support for West Africa
  • Extended support hours 7am to 6pm SA time to cover West and East Africa
  • Affordable Rand based pricing for all countries in Africa and UAE. One price per payslip regardless of country..


6. Cloud Technology Platform – Additional Modules

DNA’s payroll outsourcing customers can purchase the following modules – you only need internet connectivity:

  • Performance Management.
  • Org Charts
  • Workforce Planning
  • Budgeting & Forecasting

DNA focuses on providing end-to-end
Payroll Outsourcing services – it is the
only thing we do.

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